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IQOS Terea AMBER Kazakhstan

130 AED
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IQOS Terea BRONZE Kazakhstan

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IQOS Terea Kazakhstan Flavors

140 AED
IQOS TEREA Turquoise
IQOS Terea Silver
IQOS Terea Kazakhstan Green Zing
IQOS TEREA Yellow Kazakhstan
IQOS Terea Purple Wave
IQOS Terea BRONZE Kazakhstan
IQOS Terea AMBER Kazakhstan

IQOS Terea Kazakhstan Green Zing

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IQOS Terea Purple Wave Kazakhstan

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IQOS Terea Ruby Fuse for Kazakshtan

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IQOS Terea Silver Kazakhstan

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IQOS Terea Summer Wave Kazakhstan

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IQOS TEREA Turquoise Kazakhstan

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IQOS TEREA Yellow Kazakhstan

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Explore TEREA Kazakhstan in UAE

Ditch the cigarettes, Dubai! TEREA Kazakhstan has landed, offering a whole new way to experience taste with your IQOS Iluma device. These meticulously crafted sticks, designed specifically for the IQOS Iluma device, offer a diverse range of flavors to satisfy every vaping preference.

Key Features:

  • Heated Tobacco, Not Burned: Unlike cigarettes, TEREA Kazakhstan heats tobacco to create an aerosol, potentially reducing harmful chemicals.
  • IQOS Iluma Ready: These sticks are specifically designed for your IQOS Iluma, ensuring a hassle-free vaping experience.
  • Distinctly Kazakh: Savor the unique and smooth tobacco taste that Kazakhstan is known for.
  • Flavor Frenzy: From menthol blasts to rich tobacco notes , and even wild flavor journeys, TEREA Kazakhstan has something for every vaper.

Our Terea Kazakhstan flavors:

You can buy all of the flavors on our website.

  • Amber: a rich and toasty tobacco base with warm or spicy hints for a sophisticated vape.
  • Bronze: A smooth and satisfying tobacco experience with subtle notes of cocoa or dried fruit for a touch of sweetness.
  • Green Zing: A burst of invigorating green freshness that perfectly complements the smooth tobacco base for a lively and satisfying vape.
  • Purple Wave: A mysterious and refreshing flavor combination of cool menthol and dark forest fruits.
  • Silver: A subtle and herbal taste experience
  • Summer Wave: A refreshing and potentially fruity flavor, perfect for those warm summer days and a taste of sunshine.
  • Turquoise: The cool, calming name suggests a minty or menthol-infused flavor, offering a burst of freshness.
  • Yellow: A classic and mellow tobacco taste for a familiar and dependable vape experience.

What devices work with Terea Kazakhstan?

The only device compatible with all other Terea flavors is the IQOS Iluma device.

Here’s why:

  • Specifically Designed: Terea sticks are designed with a heating element at the bottom that works in conjunction with the IQOS Iluma’s heating technology. This ensures proper heating and optimal flavor delivery.
  • Incompatible with Older Models: Devices like IQOS 3 or IQOS 2.4 Plus use a different heating method and won’t work with Terea sticks.

Here are the different types of IQOS Iluma devices available:

  • IQOS Iluma Standard: The standard model offers a balance of portability and functionality.
  • IQOS Iluma Prime: A premium version with a stylish design and potentially longer battery life.
  • IQOS Iluma One: The most portable option, with the battery and heating element in a single unit.

Vape on with Terea and IQOS Iluma!

Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

  • Before You Begin:
    • Make sure your IQOS Iluma device is fully charged. Refer to your device’s manual for charging instructions.
  • Open the Cap: Press the button on the side of your IQOS Iluma holder and lift the cap to open it.
  • Insert the Terea Stick: Gently insert the Terea stick into the holder, with the filter end facing outwards. Don’t force the stick if it doesn’t fit easily.
  • Activate heating (depending on your model):
    • IQOS Iluma and Iluma Prime: Press and hold the button on the holder for about 1 second. You’ll feel a vibration, and the status light will pulse slowly when the device is heating up.
    • IQOS Iluma ONE: This model might have auto-start enabled. If not, press the button once until you feel a vibration and the light pulses slowly.
  • Enjoy! Once the device vibrates again and the light stays solid, you can begin inhaling. The heating process typically takes around 20 seconds. There will also be a light indicator showing the remaining use time.
  • Discarding the Used Stick: After finishing your session, the device will vibrate again. Gently press the button on the side of the holder to eject the used Terea stick. Dispose of it responsibly in a designated e-waste bin or recycling program (not regular trash).

Fast Vapes, Free Delivery!

TEREA Japan heated tobacco sticks are here in UAE, offering premium Japanese tobacco and a variety of exciting flavors. Plus, enjoy speedy delivery options:

  • Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah: Lightning-fast delivery gets your TEREA fix in a flash!
  • Abu Dhabi, RAK, Al Ain & All UAE: Relax, it arrives in 12 hours! We’ll bring your TEREA order straight to you.
  • Free Delivery Over 250 AED: Stock up & save! Get free delivery on all UAE orders exceeding 250 AED.

Additional Tips:

  • Don’t Force the Stick: If the Terea Amber stick doesn’t fit easily, don’t force it. You might damage the device.
  • Don’t Reheat: Terea sticks are designed for single use. Don’t attempt to reheat a used stick.
  • Clean Regularly: For optimal performance, clean your IQOS Iluma regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions (check your user manual).

For detailed instructions:

  • Refer to the official IQOS website for your specific Iluma model. There, you might find video tutorials or more detailed instructions in different languages.
  • The user manual that came with your IQOS Iluma device also has specific instructions and troubleshooting tips.

Important Note:

  • Age restrictions may apply.
  • Check local UAE regulations before buying.
  • TEREA Kazakhstan still contains nicotine, which is addictive. Consult a healthcare professional before switching.

Explore the world of TEREA Kazakhstan and discover a tastier, potentially less harmful alternative in the UAE! Visit our website today!

Vape smart, vape safe!