Summer Menthol JUUL 2 Pods

  • Flavor: Summer Menthol
  • Box contains: 2 pods
  • Pod Capacity: 1.2 ml each
  • Puffs: 600 puffs per pods
  • Nicotine strength: 18mg/ml
  • Compatible: JUUL 2 Device

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Features & Compatibility

Cool vibes of with our Summer Menthol JUUL 2 Pods.

Dive into Summer with Refreshing Menthol Bliss

Embark on a captivating sensory journey with every puff, where the delightful burst of icy freshness transports you to a sun-soaked day with a gentle, chilled breeze. Our expertly crafted pods seamlessly blend the iconic JUUL experience with a refreshing minty twist, creating an enchanting symphony of flavors that playfully dance on your taste buds. Indulge in the harmonious fusion that defines our specially curated pods, transforming each vaping moment into an exhilarating experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the world of cool satisfaction, where every draw unveils a new layer of minty delight, making each pod a celebration of flavor.

Summer Menthol JUUL 2 Pods Specification:

Product Name Summer Menthol JUUL 2 Pods
Brand JUUL
Model JUUL 2 Replacement Pods
Flavor Profile Minty, Cool and sweet
Pod Capacity 1.2 ml each
Puffs 600 puffs per pod
Nicotine Strength 18mg/ml
Box Contains 2 pods
Coil 1.2 ohms
Compatible JUUL 2 Device

Why choose Summer Menthol JUUL 2 Pods?

Cool Minty Fusion

Immerse yourself in the symphony of cool menthol and invigorating minty freshness with our Summer Menthol JUUL 2 Pods. Redefining your vaping experience, these pods offer a harmonious blend that delicately tingles your senses. With every draw, relish the exhilarating rush of menthol, perfectly complemented by the subtle sweetness of mint. More than a pod, it’s a melody of flavors that transcends the ordinary, transforming your everyday moments into extraordinary memories. Elevate your vaping ritual to an art form, where each inhale becomes a note in a composition of refreshing bliss.

Elevate Your Vaping Experience in Dubai’s Summer Sun

Dubai’s scorching summer meets its match with our Summer Menthol Vape Pods. Picture yourself lounging under the iconic skyline, enjoying the warm embrace of the sun while savoring the crisp, refreshing taste of summer menthol. Our pods are not just a purchase; they’re a ticket to a sensory vacation, allowing you to escape into a world where every inhale feels like a cool breeze on a desert afternoon.

Sunlit Vaping Pleasure

Immerse yourself in the essence of summer menthol as you bask in the Dubai sun. Our pods are more than just a flavor; they’re an experience tailored for the discerning vaper. With a blend curated to beat the summer heat, our pods ensure that every vaping moment is a celebration of taste and tranquility. Elevate your vaping game with the perfect companion for Dubai‘s sun-soaked days.

Chilling Out with Summer Menthol – JUUL 2 Pods Reviews

Get ready for a breeze of freshness as we dive into our JUUL 2 pods reviews, focusing on the cool vibes of Summer Menthol. These pods bring a refreshing twist to your vaping experience, providing a minty kick that’s perfect for warm days. In our exploration, Summer Menthol stood out for its invigorating flavor, delivering a crisp and satisfying sensation with every draw. The JUUL 2 pods maintain their user-friendly design, ensuring an easy and enjoyable vaping journey. If you’re on the lookout for a menthol flavor that captures the essence of summer, our JUUL 2 pods reviews suggest Summer Menthol as a top pick for a chill and delightful vape.


Experience the perfect synergy between the Summer Menthol JUUL 2 Pods and your JUUL 2 device. Crafted for precise compatibility, these pods seamlessly integrate with your device, ensuring a snug fit and optimal performance. Effortlessly connect for a hassle-free vaping experience, and enjoy the enhanced flavor delivery tailored to complement the capabilities of the JUUL 2. Indulge in the refreshing burst of summer menthol with confidence, as these pods are specifically designed to elevate your vaping journey on the JUUL 2 platform.

Colors available:

Summer Menthol JUUL 2 Pods User Guide:

  1. Unboxing: Open the packaging to reveal your Summer Menthol JUUL 2 Pods. Ensure that all components are intact and undamaged.
  2. Pod Installation: Remove the protective cap from the pod. Align the pod with the device, ensuring a secure fit. Gently push until you hear a click, indicating successful installation.
  3. Device Activation: If your JUUL 2 has an activation button, press it to power on. If it’s draw-activated, simply take a gentle puff to activate the device.
  4. Inhalation: Inhale slowly and steadily from the mouthpiece, allowing the menthol-infused vapor to envelop your senses. The draw should be smooth and satisfying.
  5. Charging (if applicable): If your JUUL 2 requires charging, connect it to the provided charger. Wait until the LED indicator shows a full charge before use.
  6. Storage: Store unused pods in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. This ensures the preservation of the menthol flavor for your next vaping session.
  7. Pod Replacement: When the pod is empty or the flavor diminishes, simply remove and dispose of it responsibly. Replace it with a new Summer Menthol JUUL 2 Pod for a fresh experience.
  8. Safety Precautions: Adhere to safety guidelines provided by JUUL. Keep the device and pods away from moisture and extreme temperatures. Do not attempt to modify or disassemble the device.
  9. Flavor Enjoyment: Indulge in the cool menthol flavor of Summer Menthol JUUL 2 Pods responsibly. Experiment with different draw intensities to find your preferred vaping experience.

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Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Summer Menthol JUUL 2 Pods

  1. Alessia Bianchi (verified owner)

    One of the standout features for me is the smooth draw. The inhale feels natural, and the throat hit is just perfect – not too harsh, but definitely satisfying. It’s clear that Juul 2 has nailed the balance in their nicotine levels.

  2. Xu Ying (verified owner)

    The Juul 2’s compatibility with a range of devices provides users with flexibility and convenience.

  3. Wang Peng (verified owner)

    The Juul 2’s compact design and impressive battery life make it the perfect companion for those on the move.

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