Pink Lemonade Myle Micro Disposable Device

  • Device : 1 Disposable Device Per Pack
  • Total Puffs : 1000 puffs (approx)
  • Technology : Waterproof  & sealed
  • ML : 3ML built-in reservoir
  • E-liquid : Prefilled with flavorful e-liquid
  • MG : 50mg/20mg of tobacco free salt nicotine
  • Vape Device Type : Myle Vape Disposable
  • Flavor : A tangy, sweet, and reviving lemon flavor.

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Features & Compatibility

The Pink Lemonade Myle Paradise: A Symphony of Flavor

Tart Lemon, Sugary Bliss

Dive into a world of flavor with the MYLÉ Micro Pink Lemonade Myle Disposable Vape Device. Immerse yourself in the zesty, tart embrace of lemon, beautifully balanced with a sweet, sugary undertone. This disposable vape device is crafted for those who seek the refreshing taste of pink lemonade myle without the hassle—perfect for a flavorful escape from traditional tobacco products.

Product Specifications

Flavor Name MYLÉ Micro Pink Lemonade
Disposable Devices 1 disposable vape device
Size (in.) Lightweight
Manual 1 User manual
Liquid/pod 3ml built-in reservoir
Technology Anti-leak technology/ Waterproof and sealed
Nicotine by volume/unit 2%-5%
Salt Nicotine 50mg/20mg of tobacco-free salt nicotine

Key Features:

  • Tartly Refreshing: Enjoy the invigorating tartness of lemon with every puff.
  • Sugary Sweetness: A subtle sugary undertone adds a delightful sweetness to the experience.
  • Mess-Free Bliss: Embrace the flavor without the mess, ideal for those switching from traditional tobacco.

Technological Marvel: MYLÉ Micro Unleashed

Compact Marvel, Maximum Pleasure

The MYLÉ Micro is not just a device; it’s a technological marvel designed to enhance your vaping pleasure. This disposable e-cigarette, despite its compact size, boasts a 3ml tank, delivering up to 1000 puffs. The cotton coil ensures stability, preventing a burned taste and guaranteeing a consistently smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

Technological Marvels:

  • Extended Enjoyment: Revel in hours of vaping without constant refills or recharges.
  • Stability and Longevity: The cotton coil enhances performance and increases the coil’s lifespan.
  • Vibrant Variety: Choose from 20 colors and a range of popular fruit flavors for a personalized experience.

Pink Lemonade Myle Bliss: A Taste of Convenience and Style

Elevate Your Vaping Experience

The MYLÉ Micro Pink Lemonade Myle is more than a vape; it’s a lifestyle. With a 3ml built-in reservoir, anti-leak technology, and a waterproof, sealed design, this device ensures a seamless and enjoyable vaping experience. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a beginner, the combination of convenience, flavor, and superior performance makes the MYLÉ Micro Pink Lemonade Myle an ideal option for those seeking a reliable and enjoyable vaping journey.

Pink Lemonade Myle Bliss:

  • Seamless Experience: Anti-leak technology and a waterproof design for worry-free vaping.
  • Vibrant Variety: Choose from 20 colors and a range of popular fruit flavors for a personalized experience.
  • Pocket-Sized Joy: Convenience and satisfaction in a micro-sized device.

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2%, 5%

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