JUUL Silver Device

  • Color: Silver
  • Pod Capacity:7 mL [200 puffs]
  • Battery: 200 mAh
  • Device: Rechargeable
  • Charging type: USB charging dock.
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Compatible with: JUUL pods

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Features & Compatibility

Unleash Elegance with the JUUL Silver Device Dubai

The JUUL Silver Device invites you to explore a world of sophistication and invention. It blends sophistication and cutting-edge design in a seamless manner, making it more than just a vape. It is a visual marvel, expertly crafted, and its silver tint radiates modernism. Your pocket-sized friend to enhance every vaping occasion, it is lightweight and compact. Dive into three enthralling worlds where style and ingenuity collide and each draw is a monument to perfection. It is not only a gadget, the JUUL Silver Device is an invitation to an experience in vaping marked by creativity, complexity, and the search for unique encounters.

JUUL Silver Device Specifications

Brand JUUL
Origin USA
Color Silver
Manufacturer JUUL Labs, Inc
Pod Capacity 0.7 mL [200 puffs]
Nicotine contains Nicotine Salt
Nicotine strength 5-3%
Weight 14 grams with a full pod
Dimensions 87.2 mm x 15.1 mm x 7.15 mm
Rechargeable Yes
Charging type USB charging dock
Battery 200 mAh
Voltage 4.5 V
Power 6–10 W
Coils 1.6 ohm
Materials Aluminum
Warranty 1-year limited
Compatible with JUUL pods

Why Choose the JUUL Silver Device?

  • Unmatched Elegance and Innovation: Crafted at the intersection of sophistication and innovation for a vaping experience beyond the ordinary.
  • Statement Piece: Sleek design and silver hue make it a visual masterpiece, reflecting refined taste and style.
  • Exceptional Portability: Compact and lightweight, perfect for on-the-go vaping, ensuring sophistication is truly portable.
  • Versatile Kit for Flavor Enthusiasts: Explore enticing pod flavors, transforming each draw into a memorable experience.
  • Affordable Excellence: Perfect fusion of affordability and excellence with exclusive deals, enhancing your experience without compromise.
  • Exclusive JUUL Pod Compatibility: Tailored to pair exclusively with JUUL Pods, ensuring an authentic and delightful vaping experience.
  • Understated Luxury: Embrace understated luxury, elevating your moments with a device that knows no bounds.
  • Timeless Design, Modern Appeal: A device with a timeless design complemented by modern appeal, ensuring long-lasting style.
  • Ease of Use: No buttons, no complications – designed for a seamless and hassle-free vaping experience.
  • Reputable Source: Your device comes from a reputable source, ensuring authenticity and a reliable vaping companion.

Choose the JUUL Silver Device—not just a device, but a commitment to a vaping experience that defines elegance, innovation, and the pursuit of extraordinary moments. Elevate your vaping lifestyle today.

Compatibility with JUUL Pods

Discover a Symphony of Flavors

The JUUL Silver Device is meticulously crafted to seamlessly pair with JUUL Silver Pods, offering exclusive compatibility that unlocks a world of delightful possibilities. These uniquely designed pods transcend the conventional, serving as more than mere containers—they are gateways to an expansive realm of flavors. Purposefully created to elevate your vaping encounter, JUUL Silver Pods boast a diverse range of enticing flavors catering to every tastebud. Whether you crave classic notes or exotic blends, the selection transforms your JUUL Silver Device into a conduit for a curated journey through a spectrum of delightful tastes. Revel in each draw as an exploration of perfected flavors.

JUUL Pods flavors available with variety of nicotine strength:

Effortless Setup for Your JUUL Silver Device:

  1. Charge and connect:
  • Insert the charger into a USB port.
  • Securely attach the device to the charger.
  1. Prepare the pod:
  • Discard all pod packaging, including the colored cap.
  • Insert the pod into the device.
  1. Check battery life:

Tap the device gently twice to assess battery levels.

  • Green indicates a charge of 50–100%.
  • Yellow signals a charge of 25–50%.
  • Red signifies a battery level under 25%.
  1. Device Activation:
  • Tap the device twice to rouse it from any dormant state.
  1. Commence Vaping:
  • The vape is activated by drawing. Inhale to savor your vaping experience.

These uncomplicated steps guarantee a swift and straightforward initiation, ensuring optimal functionality for your JUUL Silver Device. Elevate your vaping journey with ease.

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