IQOS Lil Solid Ez Mint


  • 1 x LiL Solid 2.0 HNB Heat Not Burn Tobacco Heating Device

  • 1 x USB cable (type C)

  • 1 x Charging adapter

  • 1 x Cleaning tool

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Features & Compatibility

Unveiling a Minty Oasis: IQOS Lil Solid Ez Mint

Embark on a transformative odyssey of sophistication and freshness with the IQOS Lil Solid Ez Mint, a smoking accessory that transcends convention to introduce a new era of mint-infused elegance. From the sleek and visually captivating mint exterior to the cutting-edge technology within, this device is more than a smoking companion; it’s a statement of refined taste. In the heart of the UAE, where the fusion of tradition and modernity creates a unique tapestry, the IQOS Lil Solid Ez Mint emerges as a symbol of cool sophistication. Designed to cater to diverse tastes, its heets flavor compatibility transforms each inhale into a personalized journey, from the exotic nuances of Lil Eazy Uae to the timeless allure of Lil Wayne 9 Piece.

Product Specification

Brand Name IQOS
Model Number Lil Solid
Color Mint
Battery Capacity (mAh) 2950mAh
Built-in or External Battery Internal (IN)
Display Screen NO
Weight 5.5g
Size 104x30x17mm
Material Aluminum Alloy
Preheating Time 25s
Charging Time 15mins
Temperature 300-350


Minty Fresh Revolution: IQOS Lil Solid Ez Mint

Dive into the Cool Elegance of Lil Solid Ez Mint

Embark on a journey of freshness with the IQOS Lil Solid Ez Mint, an ode to cool sophistication. The soothing mint hue of this heat-not-burn device is not just a color; it’s an experience, a breath of fresh air in the world of smoking accessories. Let the Lil Solid Ez Mint redefine your smoking ritual, making every inhale a minty revelation.

Pros that Mint the Difference:
  • Refreshing Design:
    The Lil Solid Ez Mint isn’t just a device; it’s a fashion statement. The refreshing mint color adds a touch of modernity to your smoking experience, standing out as a symbol of cool elegance.
  • Heets Flavor Compatibility:
    Elevate your taste buds with the Lil Solid Ez Mint, designed to support heets flavors. Immerse yourself in the Lil Eazy uae essence or explore the bold notes of Lil Wayne 9 Piece – this device adapts to your flavor cravings.
  • Compact and Portable: 
    Whether you’re in Dubai or on the go, the Lil Solid Ez Mint is your companion. Its compact design ensures convenience without compromising style, making it a perfect fit for your dynamic lifestyle.

Minty Fresh Flavour Adventure

Unlock a world of flavor possibilities with the Lil Solid Ez Mint – a device that transcends traditional smoking. Immerse yourself in the lil solid vape experience, where each puff becomes a journey through refreshing minty notes. From the first inhale to the satisfying exhale, this device ensures your smoking ritual is a flavor adventure like no other.

Pros that Savor the Flavor:

  • Minty Cool Sensation:
    The Lil Solid Ez Mint isn’t just a device; it’s a flavor experience. Enjoy the invigorating sensation of mint with every puff, turning your smoking ritual into a refreshing journey.
  • Easy to Use: 
    Say goodbye to complex smoking rituals. The Lil Solid Ez Mint comes with an intuitive manual, ensuring that from setup to enjoyment, your experience is seamless and hassle-free.
  • Versatile Accessory Range:
    Explore the world of IQOS Lil Solid 2.0 accessories, enhancing your device with a touch of personalization. Elevate your style and functionality with accessories designed to complement the minty freshness.

Revolutionize Your Smoking Experience with Lil Solid Ez Mint

Embrace the future of smoking with the Lil Solid Ez Mint – a device that incorporates cutting-edge heat-not-burn technology. Bid farewell to smoke-filled rooms and welcome a smokeless era where technology and tradition harmonize. The Lil Solid Ez Mint isn’t just a device; it’s a revolution in smoking, offering a cleaner, more refined experience.

Pros that Redefine Smoking:

  • Smokeless Innovation:
  • The Lil Solid Ez Mint redefines smoking, providing a smokeless alternative that aligns with modern preferences for cleaner living.
  • Tobacco Heating System: 
  • Experience a tobacco heating system that preserves the essence of your chosen flavor while minimizing harmful by-products, giving you the pure satisfaction of tobacco without the smoke.
  • Convenient Availability:
  • Wondering where to find the Lil Solid Ez Mint? Fear not! Discover its accessibility with the “IQOS Lil Solid near me” feature, ensuring you’re always in close reach of minty freshness.

Why UAE Chooses Lil Solid Ez Mint:

Sophistication with a Touch of Mint:

In the bustling landscape of the UAE, where luxury and modernity coalesce, the Lil Solid Ez Mint emerges as the preferred choice. Its refreshing mint color isn’t just a design choice; it’s a statement of cool sophistication that resonates with the discerning taste of UAE residents.

Heets Flavor Compatibility for Diverse Palates:

UAE residents, known for their diverse preferences, find the Lil Solid Ez Mint irresistible. With heets flavor compatibility, this device caters to a myriad of tastes, from the exotic Lil Eazy Uae notes to the bold and classic Lil Wayne 9 Piece, offering a personalized smoking experience.

On-the-Go Convenience for Dynamic Lifestyles:

In a city that never sleeps, the Lil Solid Ez Mint is designed to keep up. Its compact and portable nature ensures that whether you’re navigating the vibrant streets of Dubai or embracing the tranquility of Abu Dhabi, your minty-fresh companion is always at your fingertips.

Smokeless Innovation for a Cleaner Living Experience:

UAE residents are forward-thinkers, and the Lil Solid Ez Mint aligns seamlessly with their preference for cleaner living. With a revolutionary tobacco heating system and smokeless technology, this device ushers in a new era where technology and tradition coexist harmoniously.

Accessorize for Personalization:

The Lil Solid Ez 2.0 accessories range offers a chance for UAE residents to personalize their devices. Elevate your style and functionality with accessories that complement the refreshing mint aesthetic, allowing you to make a statement that’s uniquely yours.

In the heart of the UAE, where style, innovation, and tradition converge, the IQOS Lil Solid Ez Mint emerges as the natural choice for those who seek a smoking experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Embrace the minty freshness, redefine your smoking journey, and join the movement toward a smokeless, sophisticated future.

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