IQOS ILUMA I Standard Black

  • Midnight Black color
  • Flex Puff
  • Flexible Battery
  • Auto Start
  • Touch Screen
  • Pause Mode
  • Compatible with IQOS Terea sticks only

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Features & Compatibility

IQOS ILUMA I Standard Black in Dubai

The IQOS ILUMA I Standard Midnight Black, now available in Dubai! This isn’t your average vape pen; it’s a sophisticated heat-not-burn device that combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek, midnight black color. Imagine a pocket-sized powerhouse that puts you in control – that’s the IQOS ILUMA I Standard Midnight Black, guaranteed to elevate your vaping experience and turn heads in Dubai.


  • Intuitive Touch Screen: Enjoy a user-friendly experience with a touch screen that allows you to monitor battery life, initiate heating cycles, and receive notifications – all in one convenient location. It’s like having a mini computer for your vape!
  • Elegant Design: The light purple or violet color creates a seamless and sophisticated user experience. It’s a statement piece that complements both your style and your tech-savvy personality.
  • Pause and Resume with Ease: The innovative pause mode lets you take a break from your session and resume later without wasting tobacco or flavor. Perfect for when life gets busy!
  • FlexPuff for Personalized Enjoyment: Want to savor the flavor a little longer? The FlexPuff feature allows you to take slightly longer puffs, potentially extracting more flavor from each use.
  • Long-lasting Power: The flexible battery ensures you can savor multiple sessions without worrying about running out of charge. Power through your day with confidence!
  • Seamless Heating with AutoStart: Experience ultimate convenience with the AutoStart function. Simply insert a compatible IQOS Terea tobacco stick and the device will automatically begin heating, ready for you to use in seconds. No lighter needed!

What’s in the Box?

When you order your IQOS ILUMA I One, you’ll receive everything you need to start vaping right away:

  • IQOS ILUMA I One Midnight Black device (in your chosen color)
  • Charging Cable
  • Cleaning Tool

ILUMA I Standard colors are available in:

  • Breeze Blue
  • Midnight Black
  • Vivid Terracotta
  • Digital Violet

Quick link: IQOS ILUMA i standard colors

Terea flavors are available in

Why Choose the IQOS ILUMA I Standard in Black color in Dubai?

  • Sophisticated Design: Stand out with the luxurious and timeless midnight black finish. It’s a statement piece that complements any style.
  • Perfect for New Vapers: The user-friendly design makes switching from cigarettes a breeze. No complex settings or confusing menus – just pure vaping enjoyment.
  • Exceptional Performance: Enjoy consistent flavor and satisfaction with every puff. The advanced technology ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience every time.
  • Dubai’s Best Price: Our online website offer the most competitive price for the IQOS ILUMA I Standard Midnight Black in Dubai.

Order your IQOS ILUMA I Standard Midnight Black today and discover a world of innovation, performance, and convenience in Dubai!

Please Note:

  • Age restriction applies for vape products. You must be 21 or older to purchase IQOS ILUMA I Standard Midnight Black in Dubai.
  • Nicotine is addictive.
  • IQOS products are not risk-free and are not cessation products.

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